Midsummer Party – what a party it was!

By Carol Keats

Table with flowers

In the two years that I have been in the village, people have raved about the fantastic Mid-Summer Soiree that Vanessa held for the DVHA three years ago. This Saturday Vanessa and David hosted another DVHA Mid-Summer event in their garden. What a fantastic night it was. The sun shone and musicians played while we ate, drank and made merry!

Country Dancing

It was a full house with a lovely mix of the young and the not so young: a proper village community event appealing to all generations. There was plenty of space for the children to play cricket and race around and, as some folk indulged in the country dancing, the rest of us enjoyed our picnics and nattered.

David and Vanessa’s garden is a beautiful setting for the party. In full bloom, it looked gorgeous and that view down the hill provided a magnificent backdrop. Tables were laid out in gazebos decked with fairy lights and, so typical of Vanessa’s attention to detail, there were vases of flowers on each.

Dunsmore Folk Expectations

We were treated to a variety of live music from our very own local musicians. Nick Phillips and the Dunsmore Folk Expectations kicked off with country music. They even provided a caller to guide those wanting to indulge in a bit of country Andy Northdancing. The band was followed by Andy North who sang and played beautifully a variety of songs.

Whilst the main objective of DVHA events is for villagers to have a good time, the Committee has to keep an eye on the bank balance. Tim, the money man, informs us that the event made a healthy profit. This was particularly helpful as we need to replenish the bank balance after re-roofing the village hall.

I am sure that everyone who attended on Saturday will join me in saying a huge thank you to David, Vanessa and Elysia for inviting us all into their home and making it such a super evening!

Thank you also to the musicians who generously gave their time and entertained us so well. 

There are a few more pictures on the Photos page – click here to take a look.

Thanks to those who sent me photos. If anyone else has any pictures of the evening that they would like to share, please send them to me and I will add them to the gallery.

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