Forum Code of Conduct

This forum is here for your enjoyment. To keep things running smoothly the following code of conduct has been put in place:

1. The DVHA does not control what users post, and please understand that we cannot and will not read every post on the forum. As such, none of the posts on the forum can in any way be considered as opinions of the forum owners.
2. Please treat fellow posters with respect – treat others as you’d expect to be treated. If posts are considered aggressive or confrontational, the originator will be excluded from the right to post further comments.
3. Anything that is construed as being racist, sexist, homophobic or libellous will be deleted and the originator will be banned.

Finally – a personal please from the DVHA: this website is run by volunteers to support our local community and everyone in it. So let’s not make it a forum for criticising or complaining about other forums or each other. Genuine complaints and ways to improve are encouraged, but not malicious comment. Thanks for your help with this.