All change at the helm of the DVHA.

Vanessa with painting by LoriAfter nine amazing years as the Chairman of the DVHA Vanessa has sadly stood down.  I guess that the P45 handed to her by that naughty husband of her’s at last year’s AGM was the writing on the wall.

I don’t think anyone needs me to say what a fantastic job Vanessa has done. Always charming and amazingly efficient, she gave her time tirelessly in spite of all the other calls on her. She will be staying on as a committee member so all her experience will not be entirely lost to the committee.

I can’t write about Vanessa’s retirement without mentioning Lori North, her sidekick and Secretary during most of her Chairmanship. Lori stood down a couple of months ago as she will sadly be moving out of the village and with all the work that a big move entails she just didn’t have the time to give to her DVHA Secretary role. Lori’s contribution is perhaps not as obvious to anyone who is not on the DVHA Committee but taking minutes alone is quite a task – I speak as  one who only once had to stand in for her! Lori was also responsible for the hall bookings which meant be available and ensuring that the hall was in a fit state before and after bookings. So thank you Lori for all you hard work and your cheery disposition. You will be greatly missed!

As a token of appreciation for Vanessa’s many years of service, the DVHA committee presented her with one of Lori’s beautiful paintings.

Thankfully David Marshall has stepped up to take a second term as Chair so we can look forward to another exciting year of DVHA events under David’s management!

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